WWF sustainable materials specialist: Beware plastic replacements and prioritise reuse
(Packaging Insights)

On 30 November 2021, Packaging Insights published an article regarding replacing plastic with alternative packaging materials. According to WWF’s Sustainable Materials Specialist Paula Chin, this is not the answer to pollution and may even worsen the industry’s environmental impact. Instead, a system-based approach focusing on reuse and refill models must be implemented in which ...

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Position Paper – Technical Screening Criteria for Circular Economy

Position Paper Technical Screening Criteria for Circular Economy The Roundtable for Reusable Containers Trays and Pallets (RCTP) welcomes the EU's ambition in directing investments towards sustainable economic actions via the Taxonomy Regulation and is convinced that sustainable packaging solutions can significantly contribute to the EU's objectives on achieving a fully circular economy by 2050 ...

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Carbon Footprint von Verpackungssystemen für Obst- und Gemüsetransporte in Europa
(Stiftung Initiative Mehrweg and Fraunhofer-Insitut)

The main objective of the study is to quantify the greenhouse gas emissions of the reused foldable plastic containers and the disposable cardboard boxes as well as their subsequent comparison. The study determines the CO2 footprint of packaging systems for the transport of fruit and vegetables in Europe. These are reusable, foldable plastic containers ...

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Intermediate bulk containers re-use in the circular economy: an LCA evaluation
(Science Direct)

The study aims to assess the environmental impacts to the life cycle of Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) as the number of uses (the so-called “rotations”) changes, by using the life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology. The LCA has been applied in this study to evaluate the environmental performance of the life cycle of reusable IBCs. VIEW ...

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Press Release

Press release Brussels 15 June 2021 - Today, the leading European Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) manufacturers have joined forces to form the Roundtable for Reusable Containers Trays and Pallets (RCTP). The RCTP represents the RTP producers in Europe and is founded by Schoeller Allibert, UTZ Group, Didak Injection and Bekuplast. [...] ...

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Reuse – Rethinking Packaging
(Ellen Macarthur Foundation)

This report provides a framework to understand reuse, identifies six major benefits of reuse, and maps 69 reuse examples. Based on an evaluation of more than 100 initiatives and interviews with over 50 experts, it aims to inspire and help structure thinking. It provides a basic description of how different reuse models work as ...

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